Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot 妮可麗塔瑟可莉塔羅牌(Swords)


小奧秘卡的四套牌組分別代表了日常生活和臨時狀況的各個方面。 一般來說,聖杯是關於情感的,錢幣是關於物質的關注的,權杖是關於行動的,寶劍是關於衝突的。 這些卡的影響可能會相對較快地通過。

The four suits of the Minor Arcana cards represent various aspects of day-to-day life and temporary situations. Generally speaking, Cups are about emotions, Discs about material concerns, Wands about actions, and Swords about conflicts. The in- fluence of these cards may pass relatively quickly.

寶劍王牌 Ace of Swords
寶劍王牌 Ace of Swords

以別人的痛苦為代價而贏得的幸福是不值得的。 考慮提供給您的任何新機會,並權衡它們的潛在危害。


Happiness that is won at the cost of another’s misery is not worth the price. Consider any new opportunities presented to you and weigh their potential for harm. Key concepts: Force, triumph, conquest through cleverness

寶劍二 Two of Swords
寶劍二 Two of Swords

緩慢並謹慎進行。 這種情況可能會帶來危險或失敗,但是如果您謹慎並注意細節,就可以實現自己的目標。


Proceed slowly and with caution. The situation holds possible danger or failure, but if you are careful and pay attention to details, you can reach your goal. Key concepts: A balanced approach, cautious progress, vigilance

寶劍三 Three of Swords
寶劍三 Three of Swords

內心的事情進展不順利,但情況可能被誇大了,沒有看起來那麼糟糕。 在繼續或交流之前,請花點時間恢復觀點。


Affairs of the heart do not go well, but the situation may be exaggerated and not as bad as it seems. Take time apart to regain perspective before continuing or communicating. Key concepts: Sorrow, emotional drama, misunderstandings

Four of Swords
寶劍四 Four of Swords

平靜你的心靈漩渦。 現在是時候休息並整理一下東西了。 不要採取任何進一步的措施。 照顧好您的身心健康。


Quiet your swirling mind. It’s time to rest and sort things through. Do not take any further action. Take care of your mental and physical health. Key concepts: Recovery, meditation, a healing respite from troubles

Five of Swords
寶劍五 Five of Swords

這種情況是不可取的。 有人打的不公平,或者對您的賠率太大。 退縮,繼續戰鬥。


The situation is not winnable. Someone is not playing fair or the odds are just too great against you. Retreat and live to fight another day. Key concepts: Defeat, injustice, malicious intentions

Six of Swords
寶劍六 Six of Swords

當某些事情失敗或被擊敗,它需要時間來恢復。 尋求任何需要從局勢中恢復過來的幫助。 如果您是勝利者,請不要幸災樂禍。


When something has failed or been defeated, it takes time to recover. Seek out whatever help need to heal from the situation. If you are nok the victor, do not gloat. Key concepts: Rest after anxiety, compassion for all parties involved

寶劍七 Seven of Swords
寶劍七-Seven of Swords

不要欺騙或採取捷徑來實現自己的目標,並註意他人的不道德行為。 情節和秘密都是可能的。 警惕欺騙。


Do not cheat or take shortcuts to achieve your objectives, and be watchful for unethical behavior in others. Plots and secrets are possible. Be on the alert for deception. Key concepts: An unstable situation, possible betrayal, theft

寶劍八 Eight of Swords
寶劍八 Eight of Swords

不確定性和懷疑使您失去了獨立性,使您感到被困或無助。 弄清事實,不要被單純的陰影所嚇倒。


Uncertainty and suspicion rob you of your independence, making you feel trapped or helpless. Get your facts straight and don’t be intimidated by mere shadows. Key concepts: Restriction, paranoia, giving away your power

Nine of Swords
寶劍九 Nine of Swords

您的噩夢正在蔓延到您的清醒世界,您的恐懼是有道理的。 保持沉默直到危機過去,或者站起來勇敢面對。

Your nightmares are creeping through into your waking world, and your fears are justified. Either stay quiet until the crisis passes or stand and face it bravely. Key concepts: Paralyzing fears, panic, primitive instincts

Ten of Swords
寶劍十 Ten of Swords

情況已經毀壞,現在該是減少損失的時候了。 為可能發生的事情感到悲傷,但不要在黑暗的地方呆太久。 凝聚你的勇氣,重新開始。


The situation is ruined, and it’s time to cut your losses. Grieve for what might have been, but don’t stay in that dark place too long. Gather your courage and begin again. Key concepts: The end of a bad time, release of failure, moving on

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