Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot 妮可麗塔塔羅牌讀牌方法


20 審判 Judgement


錢幣八Eight of Discs



卡片A.向您展示情況的甜蜜 ,其樂趣,帶來幸福的可能性、收益和禮物。

卡片B.讓您對情況感到的痛苦 ,可能遭受的損失或損害,情緒低落、成本和後果。

範例 : 我們正在詢問的情況是是否要尋求一種新的關係。

甜蜜的部分:審判 – 迎接這種戀愛關係可能是釋放久違喜悅的鑰匙。 從長遠來看,無論發生什麼事情,都將獲得成長和對自己內心的更深刻理解。

苦澀:錢幣八 – 可能是不相等的關係。 另一個人可能不像您那樣投入其中(反之亦然),或者可能存在權力鬥爭可能導致衝突。 雙方都應彼此尊重,這一點很重要。

A sample reading

The situation we are asking about is whether to pursue a new relationship that is being offered. Sweet: XX Judgment Welcoming this love relationship could be the key that unlocks joy that has been shut up for too long. Whatever happens in the long run, it will lead to growth and deeper understanding of your own heart. Bitter: Eight of Discs The relationship may not be equal. The other person may not be as invested in it as you are (or vice versa), or there may be power struggles that could lead to conflict. It is important that both of you are treated with respect.


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