2 Distraction 分心 – ceccoli oracle

2 Distraction 分心 - ceccoli oracle

2 Distraction 分心 – ceccoli oracle

現代的日常環境充斥著混亂的信息和觀點。 掌握所有是不可能的任務,但是儘管如此,許多人仍在繼續嘗試。您的關注點經常被媒體打亂。你的注意力正由繁瑣的和無盡的電子輸入削弱了。 您已經忘記了自己動手操作的感覺,也沒有與他人分享所有想法和經驗。 這些分心的事物像不安的鳥兒一樣在啄你。 趕走他們。

Dark:信息成癮是陰險的。 評估並改正您的習慣。

2- Distraction
The modern daily environment is a chattering chaos of information and opinions. Staying on top of it all is an impossible task, but many people keep trying nonetheless. The media pitches in to pluck away at your ability to focus. Your attention span is being whittled away by small diversions and endless electronic input. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to operate on your own, without sharing every thought and experience with others. These distractions are pecking at you like restless birds. Shoo them away.

Light: There are beautiful and necessary ideas fluttering around you, trying to get your full attention.

Dark: Information addiction is insidious. Evaluate and correct your habits.

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