10 Advice 建議 – ceccoli oracle

10 Advice 建議 - ceccoli oracle

10 Advice 建議 – ceccoli oracle

獲得建議可以改變您對情況的看法。此建議可能來自異常或意外的地方。您可能會懷疑,但請敞開心接受。尊重您所做的任何努力。 特別是歡迎有遠見的長者提供寶貴的意見。目前沒有迫在眉睫或危險的跡象,但是有些事情您需要考慮和改變。


10 – Advice

Advice is coming to you that will significantly change your perception of the situation. This information may come from an unusual and unexpected source. You may be inclined toward skepticism, but please keep an open mind. Be respectful of any efforts taken on your behalf. In particular, welcome valuable input from elders who have a good sense of perspective. There’s no indication of urgency or danger, but there are things you need to think about and things you need to change.

Light: If you don’t understand what you’re being told, ask for slow clarification.
Dark: Consider this your wake-up call.

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